How to explain an asylum motive?

<p>After the applicant has been registered as an asylum seeker the Danish Immigration Service will normally summon the applicant to a meeting to fill in a form describing why he/she is applying for asylum. This process is called formfilling. The form contains several questions that provide an opportunity for the applicant to explain why they have applied for asylum.</p>

DRC Danish Refugee Council has published a document entitled "Good advice for form filling", which is available in several different languages. 

Before filling in the form, the applicant will receive guidance from a caseworker from the Danish Immigration Service. This often happens in groups with other asylum seekers, who will also be filling in the form on the same day.  Following the explanation by the case worker, applicants enter a room where they can fill out the form in private. 

If the applicant cannot read and write, they do not need to fill out a form. 

Some time after form filling, the Danish Immigration Service will invite the applicant to an introductory interview, called the information and motivation interview, which usually takes less time than the later asylum interviews. 

The purpose of the information and motivation interview is for the Danish Immigration Service to form an overview of the individual’s asylum case and decide whether the case is to be processed in Denmark or in another European country, the so-called Dublin or rejection procedures. 

If the Danish Immigration Service decides to process the asylum case in Denmark, the applicant will in most cases be called for a further interview, where they can describe in detail their reasons for seeking asylum. This is called the asylum interview.