What happens if a residence permit is granted?

When the Danish Immigration Service decides to grant a residence permit as a refugee, it means that the authorities recognize that an applicant is a refugee and has the right to asylum in Denmark. At the same time as the decision to grant a residence permit is made, the Danish Immigration Service also decides where in Denmark the applicant will live - this is called housing placement.

At the asylum interview, the Danish Immigration Service asks where in Denmark an applicant would like to live if they get a residence permit. Subsequently, the Danish Immigration Service uses this information as well as annually set quotas on how many refugees each Danish municipality must receive, in order to decide on housing placement.  

DRC Danish Refugee Council's Voluntary Counseling has offices around Denmark and provides free, impartial and interdisciplinary counseling to refugees on, among other things, the Aliens Act, the Integration Act, social rules and psychosocial matters. 

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