What happens if an asylum seeker receives a final rejection on obtaining a residence permit?

<p>If an asylum seeker is finally refused a residence permit as a refugee, the applicant will often be referred to as a rejected asylum seeker. If an applicant, as a rejected asylum seeker, does not have a residence permit on another basis in Denmark, e.g., family reunification or work, the applicant must leave Denmark.</p>

The Refugee Appeals Board usually sets a departure deadline of seven days, but it can also be immediate, which means that the applicant must leave Denmark immediately. If the applicant is rejected as an asylum seeker in the manifestly unfounded procedure, the Danish Immigration Service sets the departure deadline of immediately.

DRC Danish Refugee Council offers free and independent counselling to rejected asylum seekers; both in relation to the legal parts of the asylum case and the possibilities of obtaining support for returning to the home country.

There is more information about DRC Danish Refugee Council's counselling to rejected asylum seekers here

DRC Danish Refugee Council's return counsellors are present at the departure and removal centers. They offer consultation to rejected asylum seekers, where they get the opportunity to talk about their situation, including the difficult decisions and considerations that they may have in relation to refusal of a residence permit as a refugee and a return to their country of origin.

Depending on which country the rejected asylum seeker return to, reintegration support may be available. The support can be a help in re-establishing oneself on return.

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DRC Danish Refugee Council's legal advisers can be contacted by phone, e-mail, at the office in Copenhagen or with help from the asylum center.

The legal advisers can help explain the detailed reasons for a refusal of asylum and can in some cases help apply for the asylum case to be reopened with the Refugee Appeals Board or look further into whether there are other possibilities for obtaining a residence permit in Denmark.