What happens if a child is considered too immature to go through the asylum procedure?  

<p><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW257139789 BCX0">Pursuant to the Danish Aliens Act Article 9c, Section 3, subsection 1, an unaccompanied minor can be granted a temporary residence permit due to lack of maturity – but only until such time as the Immigration authorities assess that the child is sufficiently mature to go through the asylum procedure.  </span><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW257139789 BCX0"> </span> </p>

If a child is considered to be too immature, but the immigration authorities conclude that the child has family or network in the country of origin, the child will not be granted a temporary residence permit. Nor will the child be subject to deportation. The child will instead continue to be accommodated at an asylum center for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers.  

When the child reaches an appropriate level of maturity, the asylum procedure will be initiated again.