Implementation process

If your project has been approved and selected to receive DiPS funding, please refer to our How to Implement page to learn about next steps and access relevant guidelines.

Implementing the project

If you were granted funding through DiPS and are now implementing a project, you can here find relevant documents needed in the implementation phase.

Guidelines and annexes - for those implementing projects.

The set of documents includes, among others:

  • Administrative guidelines;
  • Installment request form;
  • Reporting templates and forms (narrative report, financial report, impact report);
  • Contract template; 
  • DRC policies (e.g. Code of Conduct, Anti-corruption policy);
  • and other relevant documents. 

Diaspora Project Support (DiPS) Team

Martin Bw

Martin Wolf Andersen

Project Coordinator, DiPS

[email protected]
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Mohamed Ismail Mahamoud

Field Officer, Hargeisa

[email protected]
Elfi Bw

Elfi Thrane Bemelmans

Project Officer, DiPS

[email protected]
Annette Bw

Annette Smedemark Christensen

Project Specialist, DiPS

[email protected]
Sofie Bw

Sofie Zayas Teglgaard

Student Assistant, DiPS

[email protected]