Consultation: New DiPS - Action Track

Consultation organized by DiPS

When: 22.06.2021 (Tuesday) 

Time: 17:00-18:30 (CET)
Language: English
Where: Online on Zoom
Who: Open for Somali and Afghan Diaspora in Denmark

After 10 years of giving grants to diaspora organizations for projects in Afghanistan and Somalia, and after a number of evaluations of the funding mechanism, we have identified some changes we would like to implement. 

We would very much like to have your feedback to each of the ideas and to how we run the New DiPS funding mechanism.

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Action Track

The “Action Track” will consist of two funding opportunities targeting two types of organizations:

  • “Small Grants” (up to DKK100,000) will be smaller in size and will be for new organizations and organizations with limited experience with donor funded projects. The aim is to allow more organizations obtain their first grant and to build their capacity and experience. Those with Small Grants will be offered many opportunities for training and coaching. The idea is that diaspora organizations can get help to realize their ambitions to become a stronger organization with closer connections to back home or - with time – grow and play an even bigger role for communities in Afghanistan and Somalia.
  • “Impact Grants” (DKK100,000-500,000) will be larger in size and will be open to the more experienced organizations. There will be a strong focus on the quality of the application and the impact on the ground. Grant-holders of Impact Grants are expected to be able to know the basics of project management (how to write applications, reporting, financial management etc.). Training and coaching opportunities will focus on strengthening the diaspora organization and will be based on the ambitions/needs of the organizations.
  • Recipients of impact grants are expected to mobilize 20 per cent “own contribution” which can either be as cash or in kind.

Activities under each of the grants should continue to focus on improving the situation for people in Somalia and Afghanistan. However, we want to allow organizations to do parts of their activities in Denmark, or internationally, as long as there will be some level of impact in Afghanistan and Somalia. This could, for example, be working to improve diaspora collaboration across Europe.