Consultation: New DiPS - Voice Track

Consultation organized by DiPS

When: 29.06.2021 (Tuesday)

Time: 17:00 -18:30 (CET)
Language: English
Where: Online on Zoom
Participants: Open for Somali and Afghan Diaspora in Europe

After 10 years of giving grants to diaspora organizations for projects in Afghanistan and Somalia, and after a number of evaluations of the funding mechanism, we have identified some changes we would like to implement. 

We would very much like to have your feedback to each of the ideas and to how we run the New DiPS funding mechanism.

Sign up for the consultation of the 'Voice Track' here.

“Voice Track”

“Voice Track” is new in DiPS. The objective is to support a stronger voice from diaspora civil society actors across Europe to influence the situation in countries of origin (Somalia and Afghanistan). It will be a granting mechanism and we hope to see applications from Afghan and Somali civil society from European countries.

Since the Voice Track is new, the types of activities that people / organizations will apply for funding for are not known to us. However, we imagine it could be for participation in conferences, collaboration between organizations around certain issues, dialogue with international stakeholders, dialogue with Somali or Afghan governments etc.