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Civil Society Engagement Unit

Maina Headshot Bw06.10.20.Jpeg

Maina Abbasi

Project Officer, ADIP

[email protected]
Obaidullah Bw

Obaidullah Abdulhaq

Project Officer, Afghan Diaspora Engagement in Europe

Khadija Bw 2

Khadija Ahmed

Administrative Grants Coordinator

[email protected]
Gretel Headshot Bw 01.10.2020

Gretel Ana Martín Araya

Project Coordinator (interim)

[email protected]
Elfi Bw

Elfi Thrane Bemelmans

Student / Intern, DiPS

[email protected]
Adrien 70X93

Adrien Bory

Project Coordinator, Durable Solutions (Paternity leave until 4th January 2021)

[email protected]
Raphael Bw

Raphaël Capony

DEMAC Coordinator

[email protected]
Nila Sorthvid 85X85

Nila F.K. Noori

Project Officer, ADIP (maternity leave)

[email protected]
Monika Bw

Monika Grinschgl

Communications Student Assistant, DEMAC

Mingo Bw

Mingo Heiduk Tetsche

Head of Unit, Civil Society Engagement

[email protected]
Sofia Jarvis 1

Sofia Jarvis

Project Officer, DiPS

+45 60268095 [email protected]
Anders 70X93

Anders Knudsen

Special Advisor

[email protected]
Vassiliki Headshot Bw 06.10.20

Vassiliki Lembesis

Global Civil Society Partnership Advisor

[email protected]
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Mohamed Ismail Mahamoud

Field Officer, Hargeisa

[email protected]
Beatrice Bw

Beatrice Mauconduit

Project Coordinator, ADIP

[email protected]
Sarah Meléndez Emory

Sarah Meléndez Emory

Administrative Project Support Officer

[email protected]
Abbas 69X104

Abbas Poya

Field Officer, Kabul

[email protected]
Nuri Sharashidze Bw

Nuri Sharashidze

DEMAC Project Grant and Finance Officer

[email protected]
Martin Bw

Martin Wolf Andersen

Project Coordinator, DiPS (paternity leave)

[email protected]