DRC Climate Action

Climate change is arguably one of the defining challenges of our time. There is already increasing evidence pointing to Climate Change being one of the main triggers to internal displacement. In 2018 alone, 17.2 million new displacements associated with disasters were recorded (IDMC). Additionally, evidence shows that poor countries suffer disproportionally from climate-induced displacement. Certainly, the displacement affected areas in which DRC works, climate change and environmental degradation not only potentially accelerates localized conflict over natural resources, but also deepens vulnerabilities as livelihoods or living conditions erodes. Climate change and environmental degradation is a threat multiplier for displaced people.

DRC constantly works with strengthening its response and protection capacity in exactly those situations, not only by increasingly expanding its climate adaption approach promoting regenerative approaches and circular economies at local level, but also by constantly seeking new partners with state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise. With the naturally increased focus on how best to protect displacement affected communities and persons in situations where climate changes and environmental degradation deepens vulnerabilities, DRC naturally also seeks to mitigate the carbon footprint of the organization via relevant environment policies.

DRC welcomes partners, academia, private sector and others to increase our protection of displaced persons affected by climate change.