DRC works in 40 countries around the globe. Here is a selection of short videos about what we do as we improve resilience and support response to climate change and environmental degradation that affect the people we support.

Restoring the Colline

This short film portrays how DRC Burundi is supporting communities in Rutana province in hands-on permaculture-based design to restore the agroecosystem of an entire hill. This works to establish abundant and organic food systems while buffering communities from climate and ecological disasters. The effort is taken on at the household, farm and landscape levels. By training and working with returnees, internally displaced people (IDPs) and the local community, the Resilient Colline project is now spreading to surrounding hills within the watershed and the techniques are being taken on by the Rutana community.

DRC Resilience Design for Infrastructure Training, Uganda - NURI/DANIDA

DRC conducted its first resilience design for infrastructure training under the DANIDA-funded, Northern Uganda Resilience Initiative (NURI) project in 12 districts of Northern Uganda. The training was conducted in February 2020, shortly before the first cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in East Africa. The training is rooted in permaculture and shows how we can help restore community agroecosystems and intensify agroecological production at the local level as food security, livelihoods and market access face disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Applying permaculture and Resilience Design can help build resilience at shelters, camps, settlements, farms, landscapes and watersheds.