How does DRC Danish Refugee Council help people who have fled the war in Ukraine?

The Danish Refugee Council protects and supports refugees arriving in Denmark from Ukraine. We do this through:

  • Asylum counseling and support for the protection of refugees from Ukraine.
  • Support national and local authorities in receiving and integrating refugees arriving from Ukraine.
  • Support for a dignified life in Denmark through the DRC's large and nationwide network of volunteers.
  • Coordination and technical assistance to support mobilization among the Danish population and the Ukrainian diaspora.

Since its establishment in Denmark in 1956, DRC Danish Refugee Council has played a leading role in ensuring the protection of refugees and asylum seekers' rights, supporting the integration and mobilization of volunteers who want to help refugees and asylum seekers in Denmark. This means that the DRC has a solid starting point for providing legal and integration advice to refugees and asylum seekers, providing technical assistance to Danish authorities, and mobilizing volunteers to locally support integration into Danish society.

The Ukrainian diaspora is large in Denmark and therefore DRC Danish Refugee Council also focuses on supporting their work to help the Ukrainians who come to Denmark. In collaboration with the Ukrainian diaspora and DRC Danish Refugee Council's voluntary network, we will create an overview of the needs of refugees coming from Ukraine and support the coordination of a joint effort from civil society.