I want to help. What can I do?

If you want to help refugees in Denmark, you can volunteer as a volunteer in the DRC Danish Refugee Council. You can also contact local volunteer groups and hear if there is anything you can help with. Our assessment is that it may take some time before you will meet Ukrainians in the local volunteer groups, as many newly arrived Ukrainians have networks in Denmark that they can draw on immediately after arrival.

You can offer your help to Ukrainians through the association Danish Ukrainian Societies in close contact with Ukrainians who already live in Denmark by writing to [email protected].  For example, if you offer accommodation, write where in the country and how many you can house.

Finally, you can support the work of the Danish Refugee Council in Ukraine. DRC Danish Refugee Council has been in Ukraine since 2014, and we are currently intensifying our crisis management in Ukraine, just as we are working to ensure the protection of everyone fleeing the country. That is why we also have staff in Poland, Romania and Moldova who support the ongoing humanitarian efforts.