I would like to offer my accommodation to newly arrived Ukrainians. What do I do?

If you want to offer shelter to people who have fled the war in Ukraine, we encourage you to contact the municipality in which you live and offer your help. You can also make a post on the Facebook group 'Ukrainians in Denmark', where you offer your help.

Before you offer your home, it is important that you consider; How long can you offer shelter? How will you help the person / family further when they can no longer live with you? Can you pay for meals?

Should I, who offers shelter for newly arrived Ukrainians, have a child certificate?

If you choose to offer shelter to newly arrived Ukrainians, in some places in the country it will be done by agreement with the municipality in which you live, and in other places it will be done privately. If this is done in collaboration with the municipality, you will probably be asked to send your child certificate to the municipality, but if you do it privately, there will be no place to send the child certificate.

DRC Danish Refugee Council encourages everyone who offers shelter to newly arrived Ukrainians to familiarize themselves with child protection in the voluntary work to ensure safety and protection of the children who come to one's home.