Since 2016, DRC has been represented in Brussels by a highly specialized  team in order to strengthen the relationship with the European Union. As a global humanitarian actor, we aim to raise institutional and public awareness of refugee and IDP issues in the EU through regular meetings with EU policy-makers in the European Commission, European External Action Service, Members of the European Parliament and Permanent Representations to convey the field perspective based on first-hand knowledge from DRC country operations. DRC Brussels also plays a vital role in the support of EU funding activities making sure DRC field operations comply with EU donor obligations.

The DRC Brussels team: 

DRC Brussels Representative  

EU Policy and Advocacy Adviser  

EU Donor Compliance Adviser  

Regional Finance Coordinator 

E-mail: [email protected] 


DRC Brussels 

c/o CEPS 

Place du Congrès 1 

BE-1000 Brussels

DRC Brussels advocacy 

The DRC Brussels advocacy initiatives focus on the following three areas:  

  • Ensuring principled, predictable humanitarian assistance 
  • Safeguarding the right to seek asylum in Europe and in the world 
  • Promoting solutions to forced displacement   

DRC Brussels only engages in advocacy in countries where the DRC has an operational presence and follows the EU legislative files on intra-EU asylum and migration. Advocacy is always based on evidence provided by DRC country operations. DRC Brussels engages with stakeholders bilaterally, jointly with umbrella organisations or with likeminded INGOs. 

Principled, predictable humanitarian assistance

Ensuring sufficient, principled funding for humanitarian aid from Brussels-based donors is a key priority for the DRC. Furthermore, together with key allies, the DRC strives to protect the funding for international humanitarian aid. Finally, DRC makes the case for funding for humanitarian displacement crises that is as speedy, flexible, multi-annual and regional as possible, pursuing nexus with development funding.

Safeguarding the right to seek asylum 

The refugee and migration topics have been high on the agenda in the EU for the past five years. Policies and practices of the EU institutions and Members States develop rapidly, mainly focusing on keeping migrants and refugees out of the EU. DRC seeks to contribute to a nuanced understanding of the protection implications of the EU’s approach to managing migration. In the face of an increasingly explicit agenda of containment, deterrence and externalisation, DRC seeks to provide a critical voice towards upholding the right to asylum and international protection. 

Finding solutions to displacement 

Protracted crises around the world require long term solutions for the forcibly displaced. DRC Brussels advocates for not only addressing immediate humanitarian needs, but, also for durable solutions for the almost 80 million forcibly displaced people worldwide.

Supporting DRC EU fundraising 

DRC Donor Compliance Advisors support EU humanitarian and development funding initiatives. The advisors’ work includes help-desk support, elaboration of guidance materials and training in addition to partner engagement. Whereas the responsibility for fundraising lies with country operations, the Donor Compliance Advisors represent DRC country operations in Brussels