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About the Programme

Annual Grand Meetings

Research involving the Programme

DP Evaluation
In Spring 2014, the Diaspora Programme commissioned an external mid-term evaluation of the Programme. The evaluation was conducted by researchers Valeria Saggiomo and Anna Ferro during May-June 2014, and its results are presented in below documents.
Thesis on the Somali Diaspora as Development Agents
Actors between Places - Voices from 'the Somali Diaspora' in Denmark Identified as Agents of Development, Master Thesis by Linnea Lue Kessing & Una Marquard-Busk, Roskilde University, June 2014.
The thesis was developed in collaboration with the Diaspora Programme and consititutes an independent piece of research. Findings from the thesis were also presented in a research brief published at the African Diaspora Policy Centre in December 2014.

Diaspora Fund & Capacity Building

The dropbox will provide you with presentations and material from the capacity building trainings and workshops.
Read about fund management, reporting requirements, type of costs (ie. per diem) and procurement procedures.
In the folder Annexes you can get a hold of all relevant forms and formats used when implementing a project funded by the Diaspora Programme. In the folder examples you can see an example of the different financial reports.
Application guidelines & annexes
This document provides an overview of the application requirements, deadlines and application cycle, capacity building, who can apply and project criteria.
This dropbox gives you access to all forms required when applying for funding from the Diaspora Programme. This includes the application format, LFA matrix, budget format, partnership agreement, workplan and the form to fill if your project requires alternative monitoring/security reflections.
An example of a good application
Download the project application with all relevant documents of the project of Library and Cultural Center in Alinger, which is a very good example of how to write an application for the Diaspora Fund.
Reports and the Diaspora Programme in the news and media
This research was commissioned by Danish Refugee Council’s (DRC) Diaspora programme as part of a project with the Durable Solutions Platform (DSP) joint initiative of DRC, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). This study seeks to explore Syrian diaspora mobilisation in six European host countries: Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The mapping and study seeks to provide a basis for further engagement with the most relevant group of Syrians (associations and individual) across Europe for consultations on future solutions scenarios for Syrian refugees, as well as to enable DRC’s Diaspora Programme to develop activities specifically targeting the Syrian diaspora looking towards the reconstruction and development of Syria.
The report presents highlights from the one-day conference, which took place on November 24, 2017, in Berlin. Through an intra-diaspora dialogue, the conference enabled knowledge-sharing and peer-to-peer learning between the different diaspora groups, and facilitated networks among the groups and with other international actors, including UNHCR, IOM, GIZ, DRC, NRC and IRC. 
Diaspora Humanitarianism: Transnational Ways of Working

Funded by ECHO, this DEMAC research report outlines the basic features of formalised collective interventions by Sierra Leonean, Somali and Syrian diaspora-based relief organisations and initiatives based in the UK, Denmark and Germany, respectively, by elucidating their responses to the humanitarian crises in their countries of origin/heritage and neighbouring countries. 

"Business as unusual" - DiaGram conference report

The report presents key discussions and recommendations from the conference "Opportunities and Challenges of Diaspora Engagement - Lessons Learned from Diaspora Support Programmes", which was held on November 20, 2015, in Copenhagen. The conference brought together diaspora members, international scholars and policy makers to share experiences and discuss the way forward for diaspora engagement.

Integrating Migration into Development

Diaspora as a development enabler Summary report from international workshop by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and IOM, Rome, Italy. October 2014. (DP Programme Coordinator Mingo Heiduk was amongst the speakers).
This DIIS report exams how Somali and Afghan diaspora associations in Denmark help rebuilding their home countries. Representatives of diaspora organisations have been idenfitied through the DRC Diaspora programme. 
News clippings

Other Relevant Organisations 

CISU - Civil Society in Development is an independent association of more than 260 small and medium sized Danish Civil Society Organisations including Diaspora Organisations. A membership grants access to free counselling with CISU's consultants, a large number of courses, meetings and workshops held by CISU throughout the year, which can contribute to improve your organisational capacities, partnerships and projects.
Seek funding for container shipments from Denmark to the global south. Recycling for Developement (Genbrug til Syd) can cover costs for the shipment of equipment and materials that feed into an existing development cooperation between a Danish Civil Society Organisation and their partner in the South, and are relevant for the target group. The fund is hosted by Danish Mission Council Development Department.