Meet the team

Organizational structure

The DRC team The strategic development and implementation of the DP is lead by team leader Mingo Heiduk, assisted by two programme officers, a grants officer, and a student assistant. The team is based in the programme office at DRC's headquaters in Copenhagen. Read more about the DRC staff here

An Executive Committee oversees the programme, as well as has the final say in approving or rejecting programme fund applications. This Committee consists of two relevant DRC heads of section and one policy advisor. The programme office acts as the committee’s secretariat.

Field Officers Although DRC thus is not responsible for actual implementation of projects funded, DRC guides and supports the implementing partners through DP field officers in both Somalia and Afghanistan. The field officers monitor the diaspora-led activities regularly to verify that projects are implemented as reported by the diaspora organisations to DRC Copenhagen. They also offer specific administrative capacity building activities relevant for the diaspora organisations’ local partners.

CISU CISU (Civilsamfund i Udvikling) plays a consulting role in the Diaspora Programme and provides input in regards to overall programme set-up and procedures. They also read through the preliminary applications and provide comments and recommendations. Furthermore, diaspora organisations can acquire membership in CISU and benefit from councelling and courses.

DACAAR DACAAR (Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees) is a cooperating partner. With an office in Afghanistan and a locally hired field officer, they play a big role in the overall running of the programme.

Advisory Board The Advisory Boards function as ambassadors between DRC and their respective diasporas. Read more about the advisory board here. 

The Diaspora Organisations The actual implementation of projects funded under the DP is the responsibility of the applicant diaspora organisation. The relationship between DRC and the diaspora organisation is governed by a partnership contract. The grant contract signed between DRC and the diaspora organisation holds the diaspora organisation (including board members) legally and financially responsible for proper management of granted funds. The diaspora organisation in Denmark is furthermore responsible towards DRC for the actions of their partner organisation in the former home country.