The DRC Stand-by Roster is a collection of emergency rosters with 800 experts who deploy to United Nations humanitarian operations to fill short-term staffing gaps.


"To strengthen the UN organisations’ humanitarian operations related to refugees, internally displaced persons and other groups affected by displacement caused by man-made crisis or natural disasters."

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Stand-by Roster works to enhance and improve the United Nations’ emergency response to humanitarian displacement crises and as such enable faster and more effective support to people in need. This is achieved through both capacity building and the deployment of high quality experts and specialists to UN humanitarian relief operations all over the world.

The Stand-by Roster is an instrument to supply and boost UN agencies with specialised professionals to their humanitarian operations for a limited period of time, thereby allowing time for the UN agencies to upgrade their own staff capacity. The Roster is not a substitute for regular staffing arrangements within the UN, rather it is a short-term means to support and augment existing resources when necessary.

The immediate objectives of the DRC Stand-by Roster are:

  • Fill human resource gaps of UN organisations with specialist staff from the DRC Stand-by Roster.
  • Actively engage with UN organisations to pursue positive changes within the UN system.
  • Improve the level of qualifications of DRC Stand-by Roster Members to accommodate new requirements from UN agencies.


The DRC Stand-by Roster was first established in 1991 to support the emergency response of the UN by rapidly deploying personnel to relief operations targeting the Kurdish population of Iraq. Since then, the DRC Stand-by Roster has expanded in terms of the number of members, geographical area of operations, and the number of UN partners. UN organisations have increasingly requested deployments from their stand-by partners, a tendency expected to continue in the future as natural and man-made disasters threaten human life and dignity.

Competencies and priorities

The DRC Stand-by Roster is known among partners for the high quality performance, reliability, commitment, and strong partnership spirit. The professional team of deployment officers is dedicated to serve the deployees with solid staff care. All experts deployed by the DRC Stand-by Roster receive a high standard of staff care, details of which can be found on our Staff Care Policies page.